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    A country reach in history

    Nothing defines better a population than its history, and Cuba has a lot of it. Just walking on the streets of any city is enough to feel a different atmosphere, to breathe an antique air. If Cuba was a person, it would have a lot to say about the whole continent. It does, anyway...

    At the island we find some of the oldest cities in America, founded by Spanish conquistadors. They left behind towns with cobblestone streets, fortress, colonial squares and hundreds of churches. The entire country reminds the beginning of a new time at the Americas.

    It begins with the arrival of Christopher Columbus on his very first trip to the continent. He entered Cuba by the town of Baracoa and it became the first colonial settlement. Later was named the first capital city of the country. From this eastern city, all the way to the west of the island you will find the mark of the Spaniards.